Why You Need To Start Doing Digital Inspections

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Smart business owners are moving to digital inspections to streamline operations and increase sales.

Here are some of the reasons why digital inspections are the need of the hour.

  • Customers prefer service providers who are digitally connected instead of cumbersome paperwork that is difficult to keep track of. Digital signatures and receipts are now preferred increasingly by businesses and customers to save time and resources.
  • Digital inspections do away with illegible handwritten notes that can be confusing.
  • Communication is improved with photos, videos, and images. An actual picture of a property or a vehicle repair gives the customers real time information that is relevant to them.
  • Digital inspections make it easy and convenient to store digital records of transactions and retrieve them as needed

Digital inspections are changing the way areas like property management and auto services operate.

Digital inspection in property management: Property inspections usually involve camera, pens, clipboards and other tools that made it messy and cumbersome to carry out the inspection. With digital inspection, all that is needed is any computer or mobile device integrated with an intelligent software tool that enables smooth digital inspection. Property managers and home inspectors can provide quicker and more reliable service to clients using digital inspection. Using the app, it is easy to click pictures to send to clients and make detailed records of areas that are inspected.

Financial management is easy too with comprehensive digital inspection software. Not only can you create a template for all future uses with the digital inspection tool but import costs related to labor or materials easily. Setting up reminders for scheduling repairs or maintenance also helps property managers stay on top of the job and prevent further damage from occurring.

Clients can use the digital inspection tool to communicate any existing concerns as well which can be immediately taken care of.

Digital inspection in auto services: In repair shops, technicians have to go through a lot of paperwork and processes adding to the cumbersome list of paperwork before the vehicles are ready for delivery. Smudged handwriting, stains of chemicals or other materials are some bothersome issues with manual inspection notes.

Experts believe moving over to digital inspections improve key performance indicators such as average repair order, efficiency and customer satisfaction and retention. An auto repair owner reported an improvement of profit margin by 35% along with thirty percent quicker turnaround time.

A key advantage also with digital inspections is improved and faster communication with the clients during the repair duration. Not only can the client see the areas that need repair and extent of damage clearly with the software, but understand any additional work required that was not previously apparent.

For technicians, there are multiple benefits of the digital inspection software. They can make use of the notes to fill fields for oil, fuel, fluid or colors as needed. If more clarifications on any area are needed, the technician can quickly communicate with the client.


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