What is The Best Device to Run the SimpleInspector App?

21 August 2017 Bob Leave a comment Uncategorized

If you’re like many Simple Inspector customers, you’re not quite sure if your current fleet of hardware is up to the task of running our powerful software. Well, I’m here today to tell you that it most certainty is.

If your devices can run the most current version of their respective OS, then your good to go! No need to go out and purchase new devices to complete your inspections (that is unless you want to!)

We get the question all the time, ‘What should we purchase to run the SimpleInspector™ App?’ The answer is, whatever your employees are used to.

If you already have a fleet of company iPhones, then more than likely you already have everything that you need to run SimpleInspector™, however if you would like dedicated inspection devices, we would recommend iPads because they run the same Operating System that your employees are used to; this provides a smooth transition when implementing your new tech. If your company currently uses Android devices, such as the ‘Galaxy S8’ try complementing them with Galaxy Tablets for the same reason.

If you need more help deciding on which device is the right choice for your business, try reaching out to: Hello@SimpleInspector.com


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