Top 10 Must-have Inspecting Software Features

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Considering making the switch from paper to digital?

Not sure if your inspecting software can really live up to its claims?

With an ever-increasing number of software choices on the market (some certainly better than others), a growing number of professional inspectors are looking to the features rather than the claims for answers. You work side-by-side with your inspection software each and every day, so it has to offer everything you need for your unique business scenarios.

Today we’re going to discuss the top 10 must-have inspecting software features to better help you decide which inspecting software is right for you.

Let’s get started:

#1 – User Friendly, Intuitive Interface

“User friendly” does not have to mean “lacking in features.”

Good software, no matter how robust, should have an interface that makes sense to you.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but a good interface still a very important feature to have. As we mentioned above, considering that you’ll be working with your inspecting software nearly every day, it needs to be laid out in such a way that you don’t have to think or “tinker around,” especially while interacting with a customer.

Also take into account that you might not be the only person using the software. User friendly software means easier training for current and future employees.

#2 – Organization & Categorization YOUR Way

One of the most common problems new users to inspection software tend to face is a lack of customization options. You’re expected to conform to the software instead of the other way around.

Inspecting software should offer customer categorization that makes sense for the way that you do business. If you’re having trouble splitting up your customer data into geographical locations, commercial vs retail, or any other system that makes sense for you, you might want to consider a different solution.

#3 – Stocked With Great Templates

Time is money. Inspecting software that comes pre-loaded with flexible templates means that you won’t have to spend time developing something that should have already been done for you. Note that one of the big keywords here is flexible. Your templates should be easily modified because everyone knows no two inspections are the same.

#4 – Product & Service Cataloging

You have a series of products and services that you offer. Why shouldn’t your inspection software “remember” all of these things?

Inspecting software that enables you to catalog the products and services you use help you build a quote quickly, easily, and most importantly, accurately. No more quote mistakes that you can’t go back on.

#5 – Quick, Easy-to-Build Quotes

Speaking of quotes, the whole process in your inspecting software should be fast and easy. Cataloging helps, but you should have control over the entire quoting process. When you’re in a race against the competition, being the first to provide a clean, accurate, and good-looking quote can make the difference between acquiring a new lifetime customer and missing out.

#6 – Software That Understands Inspection Types

As you know, no two inspections are the same. When business is good and your schedule is packed, it can be difficult to remember exactly what needs to be inspected at an appointment… and what doesn’t. Quality inspecting software allows you to create pre-made layouts for your most common inspection types, leading to less wasted time inspecting something that wasn’t even on your list.

#7 – Data Insights

The software you choose should give you the ability to grade your observations based on quality or performance. If you have the ability to do this on-the-fly, your inspections just got faster and easier.

#8 – Searchable Database

Imagine that right now, for some reason, you had to retrieve an inspection report you wrote three years ago. If you’re questioning whether or not you’d be able to do it, that’s an excellent reason to get your hands on high quality inspecting software.

Your software should allow you to not only import and categorize paperwork from before you started using it, but keep all current and future data safe and searchable. Finding that report from years ago shouldn’t take more than a few moments.

#9 – Enhanced Communication

Inspecting software should help you communicate with your team and your clients. Ideally, clients will have a way to look at their quotes and reports online and interact with you directly. Team members should have access to the data they need (negating the possibility that they would take time away from you or your office manager). Furthermore, they should be able to discuss it in real time within the platform.

#10 – Pays for Itself

While this isn’t a single feature itself, the ability to “pay for itself” is something of a culmination of features. When you start using high quality inspecting software, it should save you time. It should eliminate hassles. And it should make client acquisition and satisfaction easier. Combined, these benefits mean that the software has earned its keep and paid for itself.

Remember, inspecting software is there to make your life easier, not the other way around.

Does Simple Inspector Check All the Boxes?

We might as well be in the box-checking business. With Simple Inspector, professionals will gain access to all of the features outline above and more. If you’re ready to upgrade to streamlined digital inspections and enjoy the sale-boosting benefits our technology can offer, we encourage you to take a tour or contact us today.


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