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When I first started doing property inspections, I was lugging around a laptop, notebook and pencil, digital camera, and a measuring device. Just for a simple move-in, move-out, or exterior inspection. I really didn’t like carrying around all that equipment but that was just the way we did things. I wanted to find a way to more effectively perform my inspections, without having to cart around all those tools. A couple of Google searches later, I found myself buying an iPad and downloading Simple Inspector. Laptop – gone. Camera – gone. Notepad and pencil – gone. Measuring device – gone. Clutter – GONE.

Save time and money I spent a couple of hours playing with the app learning all the features. I caught on instantly. Once I got my profile set and properties uploaded, I instantly started saving a bunch of time by creating custom templates for inspections based on the types of homes that I know I regularly inspect. With a camera built in, I can take detailed pictures of the moment or before/after my inspection to attach later. I can type all my notes directly in, and include pricing for items that need follow up. I can create a pdf report straight from the app too, and immediately email it out to the necessary parties… all this while I’m still at the job site. I’m saving 2 hours of office time pushing paper, deciphering hand written notes, and uploading and organizing photos.

Total time savings = 2 hours and 45 minutes. Realistically, I could add 2 more property inspections per day. It took my work weeks from 60+ hours to 40, while increasing my business. I’m bringing in more money to my family, and have more time to spend at home.


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