This is How Digital Inspections Brings Stability to Your Business

14 May 2018 Kyle Washburn Leave a comment Uncategorized

If you own and manage multiple properties, then you know how important it is to maintain a stable environment for your business. Just because you have properties from one end of town to the next doesn’t mean you have to have your paperwork strewn out across town. Your reputation and brand image are important to maintain a reputable business. Of course, it’s hectic and challenging dealing with all the many tasks property owners manage. From the purchasing to listing the property and from inspecting and then renting, you have your hands full before anyone even moves in. Then you have the maintenance calls, insurance paperwork, taxes, and everything in between. Maintaining a stable business requires a simplification of some tasks. That’s why you need a digital inspection tool such as Simple Inspector to simplify your life. Here are 5 reasons why the innovative digital inspection tool, Simple Inspector, will make your business more stable.

Centralize the location for your data

Let’s face it, things are simpler when you have everything all in one place. Although multiple properties are spread out in different places, you can have all the information you need right in front of you to manage them efficiently. With Simple Inspector your dashboard helps you optimize the workflow. You won’t be opening and closing files or needing to switch from one program to another. You will be able to manage all your property data from one central location – even handle signatures from the platform. This brings a stabilizing element to your business.


Perform digital instant inspections

One of your main jobs as a property manager/owner is to ensure proper inspections are performed on the properties. Who wants to lug around stacks of notebooks and inspection papers to fill out when you can simply pull out your mobile phone and click away. Your inspection can be completed, saved, and safely stored in the time it takes to walk through the place and look it over. You need not worry about losing any important information from your inspections since they will be electronically captured.


Track your tasks

You have many tasks when managing properties. You likely have to coordinate your schedule with contractors who perform work on the properties as well as manage maintenance requests. The Simple Inspector app is equipped with an electronic tracking tool. This handy feature allows you to customize then check off all the tasks you need to complete. Your business is more stable with your “to do” list behind you.


Produce awesome reports

When you deliver awesome inspection reports to stakeholders and clients, you boost your brand image. Simple Inspector may work simply but it delivers a well-polished professional-looking report that will impress your clients. Customize the information on the report to fit your brand’s look and include your company logo.


Provide accountability to your clients

Simple Inspector helps you stay on track with your goals. You can give your client a timeline and know that you can meet the deadlines. As you complete the necessary tasks, you will be living up to the standards you set. This brings a stable working environment and encourages greater trust from your client.


Are you ready to simplify your work? Ready to take the next step to optimize the workflow? If so, Simple Inspector can help. The easy-to-use program works seamlessly with your business. Whether you use Android, IOS, or Windows, the program is ready for you to use. Create stability in a hectic work environment using this digital tool. Save time and money with this fully-integrated program. For more information about this affordable option, connect with us today.


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