The Critical Importance of Password Security with Business Software

18 December 2017 Matt Leave a comment Uncategorized

The digital world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place. Every day there are more and more stories about customers’ personal data being leaked from various companies. The accelerating pace of technological change is giving hackers new and more impressive tools for cracking into servers all the time. This is why it’s more important than ever to use good online security techniques including secure passwords and only using sites you trust. Here are a few such points to keep in mind when running your business security.

The Critical Importance of Secure Passwords

Even those this piece of advice is repeated over and over again, you wouldn’t believe how many people still use weak passwords. Some sources indicate that those using passwords that are only 8 characters long will make it so it takes only a single day for hackers to gain access using a common tool. Many websites only require 8 characters as a minimum for their login, and this is a situation that causes such weak security where your information may end up not being safe.

As a result, regardless of whether the site you’re using requires only 8 characters or not, it’s recommended that you go with at least 12 if you want to be safe. It’s also a good idea to try to avoid using any information that’s easily guessable about you. For example, if you have a Facebook profile that’s littered with Star Wars references, then you should probably avoid having any of your passwords have “Boba Fett” in them if you want to avoid making your password easy to guess.

The same goes for anything else that’s easy to get on you, including digits related to your birthday, the year you graduated high school, and so on. Passwords that have information related to your place of birth, your street address, and the like should also be avoided. Once your information gets out into the world, it’s often hard to get it back, so prevention should be emphasized.

Only Use Sites You Trust

If you don’t know much about a particular site that you’re connecting to online, you should really be careful about trusting such a site with your personal information. For example, if you use a password on that site that’s similar to passwords you use elsewhere, like in your bank website, for example, then if that site is shady, it could use that password to try to crack your other accounts.

Plus, if you’re trusting a website with your information to any significant degree, this is also something that you need to be highly aware of because of the potential for fraud. For example, if you enter your credit card or home address information into the website, there’s the possibility that the website may end up selling that information to others. This is exactly why you should stick to sites you know are trustworthy, such As, or others in the same vein.

Ways you can determine sites like these are trustworthy include the following:

  • Inclusion in App Store-Obviously this isn’t 100 percent, but it is often a good sign since Apple is particular about who they let into the store. Simple Inspector has an app in the App Store, for example.
  • Multiple Contact Options That Work-If you’re trying to determine a site’s trustworthiness when it comes to your private info, checking to make sure they have a physical address, an email account that works, and a working phone number are also good options.
  • Customer Service and Demos-Actually interacting directly with those involved in the site, such as scheduling a Demo with them, like you can with Simple Inspector, will also help with increasing your trust level.


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