Simple Inspector guarantees a network availability of 99% uptime in any given month. This means that the core of our software is available through a global internet 99% of the time. Any account subscription that is greater than $50 usd per month are qualified to receive credits, based on the amount of downtime. However no more than 100% of the invoice will ever be credited in any given month. The credit is for un-planned outage and equals the equivalents of 10% discount per outage hour beyond the 30 minutes.


If you or someone in your account found a possible bug please report it ASAP. In most cases these items are fixed within 1 business day. If you state your case on why this is hurting your daily workflow you may be able to get a discount of the current month services if the remedy time takes more than 4 hours. Not to exceed more than 10% per instance or a total of 100% discount for a given month.


We use a number of 3rd party providers for different processes in Simple Inspector. At no point are we liable for any issues that they my have caused. Each event will be reviewed on a case by case basis and handled with accordingly.