Contact - A contact inside of Simple Inspector is a customer or client of your company.

User - A user, is a member of your team who works inside of Simple Inspector and has their own login credentials.

Report - A report is the final result of your inspection, containing photos, notes, pricing and all the data inside of your inspection.

Signature Approval - Signature approval is a Simple Inspector feature that allows you to collect your customer's signatures electronically upon approval of the inspection report.

Customer Support - Customer Support is the resources and contacts that Simple Inspector offers its customers to ensure smooth operation and implementation of the Simple Inspector platform.

Dashboard - A dashboard is a high-level overview of your Simple Inspector account. At a glance, you should be able to see and navigate to everything in your account.  

App - Our mobile app is the ‘in the field’ application used by inspectors available on iOS, Android, and Windows tablets and phones.

Newsletter - Our newsletter is where you can sign up to be alerted of new features, sales and more.

Product Demo - A product demo is the Simple Inspector team showing off our awesome digital inspection platform while informing you of all of the great benefits it can provide your business.

Brainstorm - A product brainstorm is a 30-minute collaboration between the Simple Inspector team and you! We will go over ways to improve your business workflow by implementing digital inspections in your business at no charge.