How To Improve Your Quote Approval Rate With Digital Signatures

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As a vacation property manager, you are responsible for maintaining the property but the owner covers the costs. To fulfil both your duty to the property and your financial responsibility to the owner, your job is then to get a quote for any work that needs to be done, then get it approved by the owner before actually scheduling the work and paying for parts and labor. While this sounds simple enough, the hassle of actually getting your quotes approved can put a serious dent in your process. You may often end up having to either rent the property though it needs maintenance or close it temporarily while you wait for the owners to check their email, print and sign the form, scan it, and email it back to you. Fortunately for every frustrated property manager out there, technology has found a way.

Introducing Digital Signatures

One of the hardest things about getting approval for your quotes is the hassle of getting a legitimate signature. You don’t want to approve expenses, sometimes hefty ones, through email alone because this involves limited security and identity confirmation. However, with the widespread use of mobile devices, signatures can now be conveyed digitally through the touchscreens. While digital signatures are not a new idea, they are now much more accessible than they used to be. With the right interface, you should be able to shoot a quote over to your clients, have it chime their cellphone, and receive an approval signature almost immediately. No more print-sign-scan hassle, no more waiting for slow communication. All you have to do is send from mobile to mobile device and wait for their approval signature to be sent back.

The Right Management App

Of course, just knowing about digital signatures doesn’t actually help you that much, you need a comprehensive platform. This should handle everything helping you build an easily read quote to offering your client the option to scrawl in their digital signature and send back approval. The good news is that we wouldn’t be telling you about this unless we had the solution. Simple Inspector, an all-in-one property management app, has done its best to think of everything you as a property manager might need and quick quote approval jumped to the top of our list.

Getting Your Quote Approved

To use Simple Inspector for quote approval, all you need to do is build the list of items that need to be addressed and attach your quoted estimate for each entry. This will give your client a clear idea of what you’re doing, why, and how much it will cost. When your list is complete, you can write your own friendly professional message to the client letting them know what the quote is for and the circumstances surrounding it. When the quote is sent, your client can use the data you entered and your message to understand the quote and they can then easily sign with a finger and shoot the quote back to you, fully officially approved.

Sounds simple, right? Even if the client wants to discuss choices or prices, the internal messaging system makes it a breeze to shoot a few messages back and forth to either assure your client that your quote is accurate or make a few changes based on their requests. If changes are made, you can quickly re-form the quote, send it to your client, and get that sweet instant signed approval.

Whether you’re managing one vacation property or dozens, Simple Inspector has put everything you need into one smooth app that will create convenience, organization, and peace of mind for both you and your clients.


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