How Digital Inspecting Can Be Used For More Than Just Property Inspections

25 June 2018 Kyle Washburn Leave a comment Uncategorized

Digital inspecting is typically associated with the property inspection process and for good reason. Simple Inspector is able to provide the client with all of the help that they need in this regard. However, some of these clients may not know that digital inspecting is able to be used for more than just a simple property inspection.

In fact, a digital inspection can be utilized for a variety of different reasons. When a customer is looking for the unique assistance that Simple Inspector can provide, they are given the power to handle inspections in the office and out in the field. The following is a closer look at all of the ways in which digital inspection can be used.

Office Inspections

What if the client is in the process of looking for the best way to take a closer look around the office? Digital inspections are an awesome way to improve a company’s workflow. Since every inspection that is performed is not going to be the same, companies need access to digital inspection tools that are designed to fit the task at hand.

This is where Simple Inspector comes into play. The digital software that is provided will allow clients to take care of any office related task that they need to. Instant updates are provided to everyone in the office and this ensures that every staff member is able to remain on the same page.

Parking Lot Inspections

While most would not consider parking lot inspections to be one of the many functions that Simple Inspector has to offer, the level of efficiency that can be provided is difficult to ignore. Hazardous conditions must be corrected in a timely manner. Unfortunately, customers are not always aware of them. This is what makes parking lot inspections so important. Digital inspection is designed to make annual parking lot reviews count.

Car Inspections

For some, the prospect of handling car related inspections may seem easy because of the presence of a lift. But what about all of those people out there who do not have a lift at their disposal? A digital inspection can be used to assist them when it comes time to take a closer look at their automobile.

With the help of a car inspection, smaller problems can be diagnosed before they have a chance to become major. An inspection that is performed with a digital camera catches all of the issues that some of us may not have the ability to notice otherwise.

Plumbing Inspections

There is no reason why digital inspecting needs to become the exclusive domain of the plumbing community. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the chance to take a closer look at the plumbing inside of the home to make sure that everything is going according to plan before a problem takes place?

After all, why should anyone allow problems that can be taken care of with relative ease to continue to build up inside of the plumbing? A home or business owner could definitely stand to benefit from regular plumbing inspections that are performed digitally.

School Inspections

Administrators who are looking to remain on top of things will often rely on digital inspection equipment that has been provided by Simple Inspector. There are any number of issues that can be taken care of in a school environment and having the ability to inspect these situations digitally can make a world of difference.

This also keeps schools from experiencing any sort of liability because of dangers or hazards that children are being exposed to. Otherwise, a school could find themselves at risk of going through any number of difficulties that are better off being avoided. For more information, be sure to contact Simple Inspector as soon as possible.



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