Vacation Management

Managing someone else's investment property is always a tricky situation to be in because you must act as the responsible party between the homeowner and the steady stream of renting tenants. You answer to both parties, required to simultaneously protect the property and cater to the needs of the tenants, all the while keeping the copious amounts of paperwork straight in between. While you want the properties you manage to be popular and constantly booked, this also creates the demand for quick inspections and turn-around in order to ensure that each renter is accountable for any impact they have on the property, that no renter is unfairly attributed damage caused by someone previous, and that the house itself is fully taken care of between renters.

Taking Inventory Before and After

Your first duty is to each and every vacation property you manage is to have a full inventory of every item in the house, whether it's left out for the guests or locked away for safe keeping. For a fully furnished vacation home, this can amount to a very long list, one that may be difficult to track and sort on a clipboard or even an excel spreadsheet. Then, after each guest departs, the entire inventory must be checked again, this time against the master list, to ensure that nothing has gone missing. This means that you'll need to access a property's inventory many times a year along with the ability to add notes when an item goes missing or even add new items to the master list. Rather than trying to do this with irritating and difficult to edit paper copies, a comprehensive online solution seems like your best possible choice.

The Constant Demand for Inspections

Inventory isn't your only responsibility when managing vacation properties. The quality of the house from top to bottom is also a major concern. You need a unique outline of rooms and fixtures for every single property along with an account for renters which can be directly connected to any damage they cause or items that go missing. Every time a renter departs, you must conduct yet another full inspection of the property and missing a single crack or stain could lead to lawsuits in the future. To stay on top of your duties and avoid potential lawsuits from property owners, you need a quick and easy interface that will help you check every aspect of each unique home, then record damages connected directly to the last renter so they can be charged for repairs.

Staying Organized for Future Reference

Finally, your work isn't done just because your inventory and inspection are complete. There are all sorts of disputes that can come up in relation to vacation property management from homeowners upset about missing equipment to renters claiming that they were not the source of damages noted on their account. The last thing you want when the word 'lawsuit' is flying around is to have lost access to your inspection notes that prove what you found and when. Rather than creating the risk of misplaced or even destroyed paper documents, why not move your entire vacation inspection process onto the cloud where everything is safely stored in digital form and accessible from anywhere.

A digital inspection platform like the one offered by Simple Inspector doesn't just make the inspection process easier for you, it keeps you safe from mishaps and lawsuits by keeping impeccable notes that never get lost, misplaced, or filled out on the wrong form. Carry it on your mobile device for quick and easy inspections using unique templates for every home, immediately associate any changes with the renters who were in residence last, and helpfully share your results with homeowners through simple graphs, charts, and an interactive dashboard. No matter what your vacation management business needs, Simple Inspector is here to help.