An Off-the-Shelf Solution for Outside-the-Box Businesses

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Industry-specific software is expensive, especially for newly-formed small businesses and non-profits. Even though an application or program might be customized for your niche, it’s not necessarily designed to meet your specific requirements.

Do you have to license a copy for each device or user? How well does your current system integrate with your new, “industry standard” organizational platform? Is it responsive to different devices and platforms?

If it’s not Simple Inspector, you might be stuck with a product you’ll be paying for long after it becomes obsolete. Our app keeps you, your employees, and your customers satisfied thanks to Simple Inspector’s flexible, intuitive, networked platform, whether you run a non-profit animal shelter housing a dozen animals or an annual auto show featuring hundreds of vendors.

Real Estate Staging & Special Event Furniture Rentals

Are you in charge of turning an empty house into an inviting, beautifully-appointed listing? Does your business rent and set up props and furniture for weddings, corporate events, or fundraisers?

Customize the Simple Inspector’s interface to help you keep track of inventory, wherever they’re displayed within individual properties. Curbside property photos help you and your staff verify addresses, and snapshots and custom fields help you keep track of item placement and condition.

Animal Rescues, Kennels, & Horse Stables

Caring for animals requires diligent recordkeeping. Keep track of intakes, feeding schedules, special care instructions, and training routines with Simple Inspector. Photos help you and your staff keep track of each kennel, paddock, or stall’s resident, and you can organize by building, animal, client, or enclosure.

Marina Managers

Do you rent out boats for day trips? Inventory fishing gear, fuel levels, seat cushions and safety equipment, and have customers sign off on pre-launch safety orientations on the spot with our document signing feature.

Keep track of maintenance records, individual rates based on boat class or size, when a boat went out, and when it’s expected to return.

If your marina business is geared toward slip rentals, you can monitor temporary marina moorings as well as full-time slip occupants. Provide security reports and images to clients when your staff suspects vandalism or storm damage, or document violations of rental contracts and safety protocols when tenants go overboard with dock clutter.

Simple Inspector works for marinas, and it can also help you manage your short- or long-term RV park facilities.

Parking Facilities

Quantify parking turnover in hourly lots and long-term parking facilities, and maintain records for monthly parking accounts. Sort by bay number, license plate, make, model, or by client name. Internal reporting helps with your staffing and security strategies. Elevate the confidence your long-term parking customers have in your ability to monitor and safeguard their vehicles.

Conventions, Farmers Markets & Festivals

Event planners know that the quality of their vendors makes or breaks conventions, festivals, and farmer’s markets. Make sure your key vendors repeat their bookings with the help of Simple Inspector.

  • Keep track of assigned spaces and requested amenities—tables, canopies, water, power, WiFi, and accessibility—for easier vendor set-up
  • Conduct daily or event-end vendor surveys based on satisfaction, sales totals, and foot traffic
  • Provide detailed reports to prospective and loyal vendors each season, and for internal use for sponsorship and grant requests.

While you’re at it, monitor other important aspects of major event planning, from restroom maintenance to stage equipment. Where do you keep your signage, traffic control equipment, and office supplies? Our highly-customizable app can make your job—and that of your volunteers and staff—simple and fun.

Limousine & Town Car Rentals, Chartered Luxury Yacht & Jets

There will always be a market for luxury car services. Organize by customer name to keep a record of individual preferences for concierge-quality customer service, or by vehicle to maintain detailed inventories and maintenance schedules. VIP clients expect you to anticipate their needs, and with Simple Inspector, your company is equipped to provide first-class service when your margins are stuck in coach.

Auto Care Specialists

Do you offer custom car detailing? Do you run a high-volume repair business? Tailor your Simple Inspector interface to keep track of vehicles, requested services, and each job’s status. No more yelling “LARRY” across the busy shop when a customer calls to find out why her car is making that weird noise, or if you’ve managed to remove that nasty smell; your entire staff can look up the specifics of any job, any time, and keep track of maintenance records sorted by VIN, license plate, or customer name.

Simple Inspector: A Simple, Affordable & Customizable Productivity Solution

These are just a few of the businesses that can—and do—use our application’s user interface, customizable features, and easy report generation to streamline their operations and improve customer satisfaction. How can Simple Inspector help your business?


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