5 Ways To Improve Your Workflow With Digital Inspections

19 February 2018 Bob Comments Off on 5 Ways To Improve Your Workflow With Digital Inspections Uncategorized

While inspections are a vital part of the property management business, the sad truth is that they can be very time-consuming and labor intensive. Doing the actual inspection, making sure nothing is missed, updating all of the paperwork, and letting your clients know what’s going on can take ages, when done by hand.

The advent of digital inspection software, however, can help streamline this whole process and make things go a lot smoother for your company. Here’s five ways that you can improve your company’s workflow when you use digital inspections.

Custom Tasks To Fit Every Job

Every inspection you do is not going to be the same, and your inspection templates shouldn’t be either. In fact, you probably have several paper templates or spreadsheets designed for just that purpose already. Spreadsheets and paper templates take time, however — not just to fill out and update accordingly, but also to design or modify.

With digital software, you can create as many tasks and templates as you need, all in one place and in much less time. You can also change, update, and create new templates on the fly, allowing you to get things done exactly when you need them to be completed.

Keep Everyone On The Same Page

When you have more than one person handling your paperwork or inspections, you know that it can be hard to reconcile their different styles into one cohesive set of data. While you can’t expect everyone to do the exact same thing as everyone else in the exact same way, creating custom templates can help make sure they’re coming as close as they can.

When your employees are all doing the same tasks the way you’ve laid out for them, you know you’re getting all the data you need, when you need it, and that it’s correct. There’ll be no disparities between inspections, quotes, or paperwork, and your customers will trust your work and be satisfied with it.

Instant Updates Across The Board

Another time-consuming aspect of using paper for your inspections is waiting for all of the appropriate information to trickle down through all of the appropriate channels, so that everything is updated properly. Sometimes, there’s hiccups in the flow of information, and things — or people — get left out of the loop.

When you use digital inspection software, this risk is greatly reduced. All the information is stored in the same place for everyone to access, and it’s available as soon as the task is done. No more waiting for paperwork to be filled out, updated, forwarded, and filed.

This also keeps your employees up-to-date on any changes that you need made, as soon as you know what you need. They can access the information instantly, instead of you having to wait and hold a meeting, or send out a memo that some people may not even remember to read.

Inspect Efficiently

Using digital software to create custom templates for your inspection tasks can help you make sure that your inspections are thorough, and you don’t miss anything vital. You won’t have to waste time by going back to check on something you missed, and you won’t have upset customers who feel you aren’t taking your job seriously.

Not only will you be able to create a thorough walk-through of the property, but you’ll be able to lay it out in as efficient a manner as possible. The inspection process will be quick, easy, straight forward and streamlined, without any backtracking or double-checking that nothing was missed.

Communicate In Real Time

The great thing about a digital platform for your inspections is the instantaneous updates. As soon as the information is in the system, you know exactly what’s going on. If there’s something additional that needs to be done on an inspection, for example, you can let your team know right away instead of waiting for them to return to the office.

The same goes for communications with your customers. By letting them know what’s going on as soon as you’re done with the inspection, you’re enabling them to make the important decisions much faster. This helps streamline their process as well, meaning they’re going to be satisfied with your company, and your work.

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