5 Reasons to Use Digital Inspections to Protect Your Business

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Property management businesses need to be efficient and have the right tools to be successful. Part of property management responsibilities include, maintenance, inspections and repairs. Dealing with problems and repairs has long been done with a paper notepad, pen and tape measure. Today, tools like digital inspection software help facilitate some of the responsibilities of property management businesses. Here are some of the ways digital inspections will help you protect your property management business:

Save Time with One Simple Tool for Property Inspections: When doing property inspections, taking notes, documenting with photos and then making reports with spreadsheets is very time-consuming; sometimes it may even take several trips to a property. With digital inspections, the timely process of inspections is combined into a simple tool. All the tools you need are in the digital inspection software, which allows you to complete property management inspections in a fraction of the time it would take you doing it the conventional way. Simple Inspector is a great tool for digital property management inspections, which has a complete solution with custom dashboards for viewing reports and mobile App with everything you need to complete inspections.

Complete Inspections Quickly and Accurately: With digital inspections, there is also less margin for error. Since the inspections are complete on-site, you can be sure you do not forget anything. You can even share inspections or notes on-site to get answers from repair services before you even leave. After inspections are complete, they can be sent directly to the contacts that need them. This allows you to save time and ensure that property inspections are accurate, which helps save your business time and money.

Create and Compare Property Inspection Reports: Old fashioned inspections require you to do the inspection, and then go back to the office to create spreadsheets for reports. Comparing data can also be difficult with the old spreadsheet reports. New digital inspections will allow you to create reports on-site. You will be able to immediately use the reports to send to maintenance and repair services. In addition, you can also compare reports to find and eliminate repeated problems with properties you manage. Digital inspection reports also allow you to provide better service with digital signing features

Easily Create and Backup, Checklists, Photos, Reports and Notes: When you do a digital inspection, all the information will be easily accessible. From the inspection software, you can create checklists that include photos, text notes or audio. You can even create specific checklists, which can be used for different contractors, such as a HVAC and mechanical service, carpenter or drywall finisher. Documenting the inspections before and after with photos is important to protect yourself in case of legal battles. With Simple Inspector, photos and reports are automatically backed up to the cloud for quick and simple documentation.

Easy Clear Communication with Employees, Contract Services and Clients: When doing property management inspections, communication needs to be clear. You want to get messages to contractors and maintenance services to ensure they know exactly what work needs to be done. In an emergency, you also need to communicate with clients and update them on situations. With digital inspections, you have one tool to keep track of important contact, send messages and employees. In maintenance emergency situations for your property management business, clear communication is key to solving the problem quickly and efficiently. From a simple inspection app, you can manage any maintenance emergency without the hassles of looking for contacts, finding contractors and informing clients of problems.

These are some of the ways digital inspections are going to help your property management business. If you want to have the right tools for managing properties, contact us to help with digital inspection solutions that help your business to a better job managing properties.


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