3 Ways Digital Inspections Accelerate Your Business Growth

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Property management, building and safety inspectors, and facility auditors have a surprising number of things in common. You can range from independent solopreneurs to thriving agencies, you have investors and companies for clients, and every one of these industries involves regular inspections of buildings, facilities, and/or equipment. Your clients pay you for the expertise and knowledge you have to offer on best practices, maintenance, and safety and they listen to your recommendations on repairs and improvements. However, if you’ve been noticing that your inspection business isn’t expanding as rapidly as you’d hoped, the problem might not be with your service but in how you’re delivering the results.

Inspections are more than just taking a tour of a property, they are highly detailed interactive observations of every feature, nook, and cranny. They are traditionally performed with nothing but a paper checklist and these days, that checklist is either handed directly to clients or copied and sent via email. However, to non-professionals, that checklist is an almost meaningless stack of data that all starts to blur together. If you want to grow your business, the key is to start delivering usable, detailed, and highly professional reports in the form of digital inspections.

Here are three ways digital inspection can help you grow your business.

1) Delivering Inspections On Time and In Style

How long does it take you from marking your checklist on the job to sending a complete report to your clients? For clients that appreciate punctuality and like to have information immediately, even a day or two is too long for you to transcribe or scan the checklist, write your report notes, and hit ‘send’. With digital inspections, especially using a mobile software platform like SimpleInspector that connects directly with your phone, you can snap clear pictures of each item you’ve inspected, add your notes, and send the entire report directly to your client as soon as the inspection is complete.

2) Drawing More Customers with Professional Inspection Reports

If you’ve been noticing a lack of customer enthusiasm, particularly for new clients, they might be looking for a service that offers clean reports they understand. No matter how hard you worked in Excel to make your current report sheet, these days a professionally designed report email or even connection to reports on a mobile app are considered both more approachable and at the cutting-edge of business communication. The next time you’re pitching or marketing to new potential customers, don’t forget to mention your digital inspection and show off the kind of reports they’ll get. For competition still using checklists, your services will be the clearly superior choice for tech-savvy clients looking for something fast, new, and easy to engage with.

3) Training New Staff with Internal Accountability

Of course, once you start getting more customers, there’s the challenge every small but growing business must face: Hiring. If you’ve been flying solo or working with only a few professional colleagues, you might be worried about bringing on someone new to help serve your increasing customer demands. However, digital inspections even makes this easier. During the training period, you can have your new hires send you their reports first for approval or instructions. When they’ve done it right and you can see that clearly in their photos and notes, the report can be sent along to clients effectively doubling your inspection capabilities.

Digital inspections are a great way to enhance any business in which inspections are a part of your job. From property management to factory safety inspections, a streamlined digital inspection solution offering high-quality inspections and easy-to-read reports is sure to accelerate your business growth.


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